Omelette-Ed is a company that designs, makes, curates and sells furniture and design objects whose contemporary style is characterised by the simplicity of its lines. Clarity and honesty are the main values of this company and can be seen in all the designs they produce. The aim is to offer a new perspective on design by taking a close, human and familiar approach to everyday objects. 

Created in 2010, it was founded by La Mamba design studio as an outlet for their own designs in the form of a curating company. By taking advantage of the internet and information technologies, they were able to use this as a platform to produce and sell their own designs, such as mirrors, tableware, clocks and lamps. 

Until 2016 these were always small, simple pieces that were easy to transport. Witty and unexpected solutions would come to define the characteristic style of this company. The simplicity of its products is not tantamount to a lack of sophistication but just the opposite.  It is a simplicity that results from consideration, from removing everything superfluous and focusing on what is essential, and allows the pieces to belong in any space. 



The collection is not a set. Each piece follows its own line of design, but their common features create a link between them, allowing them to sit well together. Like different members of the same family.

The aim of Omelette-Ed is to create a universe of numerous products that interact among themselves without necessarily forming a corpus or set. These pieces are connected by a philosophy; by a concept rather than a style. It is a coexistence created through small details, like a wink or a spontaneous smile that appears when we see ourselves reflected in something.

Structures are the star of this collection, in which each piece is designed independently by a different creative team, with the emphasis on the base and structure, and from thereon each piece becomes its own. Simplicity is not incompatible with colour in these pieces, although sobriety is key. Carefully selected colours such as grey, green and maroon are the designers' bid to avoid falling into excess. 

A sober, Mediterranean colour palette highlights the quality of the materials and a minimal range of finishes and manufacturing materials, with an intensive use of solid wood. A decision that has been made based on a production need geared towards sales and stock minimisation. 
Sobriety, collaboration, production, coexistence... concepts that flow into one term that summarises them all: maturity. The new Omelette-Ed collection is the result of mature reflection on current needs and how to satisfy them.